Edmonton Industrial Districts

Inventory Summary

Visit the Edmonton Industrial Site Locator to view existing industrial land for sale. test

Edmonton has four designated industrial districts strategically located along major transportation corridors throughout the city.

  • 1,502 hectares (3,712 acres) of vacant industrial land available for development
  • 795 net hectares (1,964 net acres) of zoned industrial land ready for immediate development
  • 4,810 hectares (11,860 acres), including 733 hectares (1,811 acres) of zoned industrial land in the Edmonton Energy and Technology Park ready for large greenfield industrial development


Low Tax Costs

Here's why:

No provincial sales, payroll, or capital tax

Low 12% provincial corporate tax

No machinery and equipment tax

No municipal business taxes

Low payroll costs due to publically funded health care

Please contact us for more detailed information on Edmonton's low tax environment.