The Green Economy is an expanding sector in Edmonton

Edmonton is committed to expand the untapped growth of the Clean Tech Sector. Clean Tech focuses on reducing the environmental impacts in traditional sources like oil and gas. Edmonton is positioned to be a global leader in improving energy production, alternative energy sources and sustainable waste management practices.


Green Technology Brochure

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Edmonton generates $3.59 billion of GDP output and employs over 14,000 in the green economy.  Edmonton’s 10-year strategic plan (2019-2028) identifies a key climate resilience aspiration as a city transitioning to a low-carbon future.  The city’s progressive policies, current funding resources and research Institutions create a competitive niche for investment and expansion  to supply the energy sources, products and services of our decarbonized, safe global future.

Clean Tech Economic Activity

Start-up funding in the Edmonton clean tech sector has fostered cutting edge technology development such as Grengine by Growing Greener Innovations. Grengine provides an affordable alternative to gas-powered generators and biomass burning, scalable for anyone and  emission-free.  It is a local technology success story.

Clean Tech Growth

The clean tech sector includes several areas of focus, namely:  transportation, energy storage, power management, agriculture and process technologies that -apply to many industries. Provincial investments in artificial intelligence, geothermal energy and information technology over the last decade was to make Alberta a magnet for investment in new technology.  Edmonton’s ranking of 3rd in the world for AI/AM Research and Development,  home to major bio-institutes, a renewable energy resource, and material supply chain represents a sustainable base for growth in the clean technology sector or demand for their products.   Edmonton’s 2,300 hours of sunshine each year makes it one of the sunniest cities in Canada.   The local economy is incentivized with a city rebate program to support investment in solar power homes, in addition to a city climate resilience adaptation strategy.

Market Access

The clean tech sector is emerging as a major market opportunity in India and China.  China is the world’s largest producer and consumer in clean technology to resolve its pollution problem.  This has generated  a business demand in clean technology subsectors, such as solid waste treatment, water pollution control and air pollution control.

  • 35% of commercialized clean tech companies in Alberta are already exporting products and services globally and looking for opportunities to expand
  • Clean tech businesses based out of Edmonton benefit from a strong established telecommunications network, strong transportation links and proximity to the US, as well as easy access to the Pacific Rim and Europe
  • Many local cleantech businesses are providing solutions that are manufactured and deployed locally

Sector Funding

Alberta Innovates

  • Bio Sector Funding    
  • Clean Energy Funding
  • Climate Change Technology Innovation & Framework 
  • Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA)    
  • Entrepreneurial Investment     
  • Low Carbon Cities Canada (LC3) 
  • The Canadian Government has pledged $7.4 billion over the next 5 years to support clean tech growth across Canada

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1. Government of Alberta - Clean Tech Industry Profile

Thriving Clean Tech Sub-Sectors

  • Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production
  • Renewable and Alternative Energy
  • Mobility and Transportation
  • Water Innovation
  • Waste Innovation
  • Information Technology
  • Innovative Hydrocarbon Products