At the crossroads of abundant resources and key markets

We are a major multi-modal distribution hub for North America and our integrated transportation infrastructure connects you to local resources and customers around the world.

Wherever your customers are, we can deliver the freight or cargo services you need.

Infrastructure and Resource Overview


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Major Highway Corridors

We are connected to a vast road network running throughout Canada - providing access to Canada's north, Pacific coast and eastern markets. We are also a key logistics centre on North American trade corridors connecting to the U.S. and Mexico.


  • We are the northern-most point of the CANAMEX Trade Corridor
  • We are located on the Yellowhead Highway - a major east-west trade corridor 
  • We are the northern anchor of the Ports-to-Plains Corridor - linking Edmonton to major mid-west U.S. cities and the Texas Gulf Coast
  • We are connected to the North American Super Corridor (NASCO), with connections to mid-west and southern U.S. markets and ports
  • We are connected to the Trans-Canada highway - an 8000 km transcontinental highway system that links every Canadian province

Edmonton Ring Road 

Our ring road facilitates seamless and efficient travel within the Edmonton Metro Region to our transportation and logistics clusters, the Edmonton International Airport, and major highways.

High and Heavy Loads

We are able to facilitate high or heavy loads from Edmonton to major resource projects in northern Alberta through a designated heavy haul route.


Trade Corridor Map

Download Highway and Trade Corridors Map (3.16 MB)

Please contact us for more detailed information regarding Edmonton's road and highway corridor connections.


Train in Mountains

Class 1 Rail Lines

Canadian National (CN) and Canadian Pacific (CP) Rail connect Edmonton to North American and Asian export markets.


  • CN and CP operate approximately 7,000 route miles in Alberta and transport about 66 million tonnes in and out of the province
  • CN is North America's only transcontinental network linking Canada, U.S. and Mexico
  • CN's Western Canadian network operations centre is located in Edmonton and provides direct service to both the Port of Prince Rupert and Port Metro Vancouver
  • CP connects Edmonton to Canada's southern trans-Canada route from Vancouver to Montreal and key eastern U.S. markets

Edmonton Intermodal Terminals

CN and CP's intermodal terminals in Edmonton gives you the flexibility to use rail, trucks and vessels to reach your customers throughout North America and across the globe.

Rail Lines Image

Download Rail Line Routes Map (3.16 MB) P

lease contact us for more detailed information on Edmonton's rail infrastructure and connections.


Air china

Edmonton International Airport (EIA)

Canada's fastest growing airport
Quick Facts:
  • over 8 million passengers annually
  • regularly scheduled flights to all major Canadian cities
  • 160 acres of serviced land for logistics development available at EIA
  • over 60 non-stop flights to global destinations including
    • 13 key U.S. hub cities
    • 17 international destinations
Foreign Trade Zone

The EIA is a designated Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Point. A FTZ in Edmonton will give regional, national and international companies faster more efficient access to markets across the globe. On-site customs and Foreign Trade Zone designation with Port Alberta.

EIA Cargo

Air China Cargo's first freighter service in Canada is at the Edmonton International Airport. This creates a direct link between Edmonton and Shanghai.

EIA's cargo operations ships to all parts of the globe quickly and cost-effectively. 

Cargo Capacity:​

  • five cargo-handling terminals with full service cargo warehousing, including coolers, freezers space, and X-ray capability
  • 24 airlines
  • seven integrated couriers and freight carriers
  • over 25 freight forwarders and customs brokers
  • accommodation of the world's largest cargo aircraft including the AN 225 and B747-8

Cargo Services:​

  • expertise in moving heavy and oversized loads for oil and gas industries
  • bonded warehousing for international cargo
  • access to two intermodal rail terminals that provide inland and marine container services
  • Special air cargo charterer facility
  • 24-hour customs service
  • 24-hour access year round with no operational or noise restrictions

Edmonton-based Roseneau Transport Ltd. has a new 210,000 sq. ft. facility at EIA that will allow cargo to be on a plane to any destination within 24 hours. 


Cargo Route Map Image

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Please contact us for more detailed information on Edmonton's air cargo connections.


Pipelines Image

The Alberta Hub Serves North America and Asia

Access to feedstocks and getting your product to market is critical for your success. We are a major pipeline hub that helps you accomplish both. 

The Alberta Hub

The Alberta Hub is considered one of the most important pipeline networks in North America. 

  • Our network of over 393,000 kilometres of energy-related pipelines connects you with suppliers and customers
  • Our production capability, storage capacity, and pipeline export network can ship most feedstocks, natural gas and hydrocarbon products wherever you need
  • We can deliver up to 15 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin to key Canadian and U.S. markets
  • Our pipelines ship 2.2 million barrels per day
Pipeline network Map Image

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Alberta Pipeline Map Image

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Please contact us for more detailed information on Edmonton's pipeline network and connections.


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Access to Ports

We are connected to a number of Pacific coast ports - linking you to your customers around the world.

Port of Prince Rupert

Access to the Port of Prince Rupert is through Canadian National's transcontinental rail network and Highway 16 (Yellowhead Highway). The Port of Prince Rupert offers a high capacity container facility, the deepest harbour in North America, and the shortest and fastest Pacific route to Asia - saving you up to 3 days sailing time

Port Metro Vancouver

Port Metro Vancouver is Canada's largest west coast port and the most diversified port in North America. CN and CP transcontinental rail networks and major highways link you to this port. 

Port of Kitimat

You can access the Port of Kitimat, the third largest deep water port on the west coast via road and rail. 


Ports and Shipping Map Image

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Please contact us for more detailed information on Edmonton's connections to Canada's west coast ports.


Access to Resources Drives Enterprise

Our proximity to Canada's world-class energy reserves and natural resources allows you to capitalize on opportunities in Alberta's resource extraction industry.

Alberta is located in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and is home to the Alberta Athabasca Oil Sands - the world's third largest proven oil reserves - and the Muskwa, Monterney, and Duvernay natural gas reserves.


Alberta Resources Map Image

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Please contact us for more detailed information on Edmonton's excellent access to resources.