Edmonton Industrial Investment Publications



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2019 Industrial Hemp Booklet

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Industrial Cannabis Booklet - 2019

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Edmonton Green Energy Economy Report

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Industrial Assets 2017

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Metal Fab Brochure 2016

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Hydro Carbon Processing Sector Brochure

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Transportation Logistics Brochure

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EETP Booklet

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Clean Technology Sector brochure

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Chinese Language Publications

Chinese Manufacturing Brochure - 2016

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Chinese Momentum Brochure

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Chinese EETP Brochure

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Korean Language Publications

Korean Manufacturing Brochure

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Korean Momentum Brochure

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Korean EETP Brochure

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Related Industrial Publications

A Competitive Policy and Regulatory Framework for Alberta's Upstream Oil and Natural Gas Industry

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Stuck in Traffic for 10000 Years

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Vacant Industrial Land Supply

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Edmonton Energy and Technology Park Area Structure Plan

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Edmonton 2018 Investment Competitiveness Study

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Why Edmonton - CBRE Report

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Alberta Transportation Highway 2 Calgary to Edmonton Corridor Improvement Study

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