Globally Recognized Petrochemical Processing Region

Our location near the world's 3rd largest proven oil reserves and Alberta's vast natural gas deposits and our exceptional connections to markets, connect you to local resources and customers around the world. 

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Key Advantages:

Easy access to abundant low-cost reserves of conventional and shale oil and gas, including primary petrochemical feedstocks of petroleum, hydrocarbon liquids and natural gas

Pipeline, road and rail capacity to move feedstock and product to major North American and Asian markets

Large and readily available highly skilled technical workforce

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Access to Resources

Proximity to Resources Drives Business

Alberta is located in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and is home to the Alberta Athabasca Oil Sands and the Muskwa, Monterney, and Duvernay natural gas reserves. There is currently $172 billion in projects underway or planned in the Edmonton Service Region.

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Alberta's Industrial Heartland

The Edmonton Energy and Technology Park is a part of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland (AIH), home to Canada's largest hydrocarbon processing cluster and global leaders in petroleum and hydrocarbon processing.

The AIH contributes a significant portion of the $35.6 billion (2014)1 earned from Alberta’s chemicals and petroleum refining sector. Revenue is earned from the following sub-sectors2:

  • $22.6 billion refined petroleum products
  • $13 billion chemical products including
    • 45% from synthetic resins
    • 32% from basic chemicals
    • 23% from fertilizers and other chemicals

The Edmonton Energy and Technology Park (EETP) is specifically designed to capitalize on value-added industries and spin-off activities generated by developments in Canada’s energy sector located in the AIH and northern Alberta.


Industrial Heartland Map

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World-class companies located within or neighbouring Alberta's Industrial Heartland

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Agrium Air Liquide Canada Ltd.

ATCO Energy Solutions

Aux Sable Canada Ltd.


Bunge Canada


Chemtrade West Ltd.


Dow Chemicals Canada ULC

Dow Agro Science


Evonik Degussa Canada


Horton CBI


Imperial Oil

Inter Pipeline Ltd.


Keyera Energy


ME Global


North West Redwater Partnership


Pembina Pipeline/Williams Energy Canada Ltd.

Plains Midstream Canada

Praxair Canada


Sasol Canada Holdings Ltd.

Shell Canada Ltd.

Sherritt International Corporation

Smith & Nephew (Alberta) Inc.

Sulzer Metco (Canada) Inc.

Suncor Energy


Tervita Corporation


Umicore Canada



Western Asphalt

Western Hydrogen Ltd.

Chemical Opportunities

An analysis of Alberta Industrial Heartland’s competitive opportunities around specific products shows significant business potential for siting, building and operating petrochemical plants in the Edmonton area in the following key sectors:

  • propylene/polypropylene 
  • methanol
  • ammonia/urea
  • ethylene

Access to Alberta’s liquid-rich shale gas reserves and the forecasted long-term attractive natural gas price contribute to very cost-competitive export netback pricing and a double digit internal rate of return for new plants processing any of these products.

Comparing Edmonton’s and Alberta’s competitive position with other producing markets, plants located here can effectively compete when shipping any of these product streams to North American markets – especially polypropylene whose delivered cost to the U.S. is nearly $100/MT lower than product shipped from the Middle East.

Value-added Processing

Inter Pipeline’s Edmonton-area plant expansion highlights growing interest in value-added processing in the Alberta Industrial Heartland area. Their new facility will be Canada’s first propane dehydrogenation (PDH) facility and may be able to supply enough high quality propylene feedstock to support at least one new world- scale petrochemical plant.

The Edmonton Energy and Technology Park is part of Alberta's Industrial Heartland and offers tremendous business opportunities in the hydrocarbon processing industry and its related service sectors.