Industrial Hemp - $1 Billion Dollar Industry

Hemp is harvested in Alberta as a source of fibre that provides a variety of commercial and industrial products, including - textiles, clothing, paper, bioplastics, insulation, biofuel and animal feed.   Industrial Hemp sativa cannabis has low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) level and high cannabidiol (CBD) that doesn’t produce chemicals that affect body receptors. 

Industrial Hemp Brochure

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The largest percentage of Canada’s Hemp Sector is cultivated in Alberta - one of the world’s most productive agricultural economy:

  • 55% of new licences issued to Alberta in 2018, and
  • 38% of Canada’s hemp product was produced in Alberta

Hemp Fibre Northern Advantage

The Edmonton region produces a niche crop with 30% higher yield!  Alberta is the hub of the industry with  Innovative research, product development and crop investment from the Innotech Alberta facility, an accelerated private public model.  Market  potential for hemp fibre has  been demonstrated - every single aspect of a crop produced can derive an output in the decortication process to service fibre needs. 

Edmonton is the Hemp Corridor for Regional Prosperity

Edmonton has an established talent pool, institutional base and hemp feedstock to transform hemp hurds and its core into finished products as well as stimulate circular economy of restorative and regenerative materials with hemp bioplastics and environmentally friendly textile and petro solutions.   The Edmonton Energy and Technology Park (EETP), located at the northeast corner of the city is a strategically located greenspace for industrial hemp production. EETP land use planning and zoning regulations support hemp manufacturing, processing and agriculture with CN Rail line and major transportation routes from current hemp investment locations such as Bruderheim, Vegreville and proximity to regional and international marketplace. 

Growing Sustainably

The Edmonton area has great conditions for hemp – in just 90 days hemp yields four times the biomass of an average forest that would take 25 years of tree growth.   Hemp is a great fit with the City’s Energy Transition strategy as an ideal carbon sink (absorb four-times the CO2 yield of any forest or commercial crop) and metabolic absorption capacity to detoxify soils, sludge or pollutants.  Hempcrete (hemp biocomposite for home construction) is carbon-negative with thermal conductivity to absorb and store heat energy.  

Industry Associations and Networks

Edmonton features major research facilities staffed with scientists, engineers and technologists to strengthen and expand products to markets

  • Agriculture Research and Extension Council
  • Alberta Agriculture Programs and Services
  • Alberta Council of Technologies
  • Alberta Food Processors Association
  • Alberta Processing Business Incubator
  • BioAlberta
  • Innotech Alberta / Alberta Innovates
  • The Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance

Please contact us for more detailed information on Edmonton's hemp industry.

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