Funding is available for business owners and investors interested in developing or expanding in Edmonton. Below is a list of municipal, provincial, national, and other programs and incentives. 

Development Incentives and Programs

Federal Incentives & Programs

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Aboriginal Business and Entrepreneurship Development

The Aboriginal Business & Entrepreneurship Development (ABED), with its program delivery partners the Aboriginal Financial Institutions (AFIs), provides funding to Aboriginal entrepreneurs, communities and organizations to increase the number of viable businesses in Canada owned and controlled by Aboriginal People.

Adam Chowaniec Memorial Fund for Global Entrepreneurship

As a Canadian-based entrepreneur, group or organization, you could qualify for a $3,000 grant if you undertake activities that support the promotion or development of export opportunities for entrepreneurs in Canada.

Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative

The Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative will help fund internships for post-secondary graduates and high school students working in the agriculture industry. These internships would include activities or projects that benefit the environment. Farm operators could receive up to a maximum of $10,000 per youth intern, 30 years old or younger, including high school students to implement projects that are environmentally beneficial. Employers in the agricultural sector but not directly on farm could receive up to a maximum of $16,000 per post-secondary graduate intern to undertake environmental activities, services or research that will benefit the agriculture sector.

AgriInnovation Program

The AgriInnovation Program makes two types of investments: those targeted at research and development activities that bring innovation to the sector; and those that help industry bring the results of research and development to market through adoption/commercialization. This is a five-year program ending on March 31, 2018.

AgriMarketing Program

The AgriMarketing Program helps farmers and food processors compete in markets at home and abroad. It supports the agriculture industry by creating and maintaining access to markets and taking advantage of market opportunities. $341 million is available in the form of government projects and contribution funding during five years (2013-2018).

Applied Research and Development Grants

You could receive funding of up to $150,000 when you partner with an eligible Canadian college to develop clean technologies. Your business or consortium must be Canadian-based and you must make use of the research. The Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada will determine your financial contribution to a project.

Automotive Partnership Canada

If you are working on next-generation automotive technologies, you could receive financial assistance to support collaborative R&D activities. Your research must be driven by industry needs and involve industrial collaboration.

Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP)

The BCIP aims to bridge the pre-commercialization gap by providing "First customer assistance" through a government purchasing option: awarding government contracts to entrepreneurs with pre-commercial innovations through an open, transparent, competitive and fair procurement process; testing and providing feedback to these entrepreneurs on the performance of their goods or services; providing innovators with the opportunity to enter the marketplace with a successful application of their new goods and services; and providing information on how to do business with the Government of Canada.

Canada Small Business Financing Program

Most start-ups and existing for-profit small businesses in Canada with gross revenues of $10 million or less are eligible to apply for loans under this program. Loans can finance the cost of the purchase or improvement of land or buildings used for commercial purposes, the purchase or improvement of new or used equipment, the purchase of new or existing leasehold improvements (i.e. renovations to a leased property by a tenant), and the registration fee.

Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (2014-2019)

Provides project-based funding to non-profit organizations in the agricultural sector responding to new and emerging issues and opportunities.

Canadian Agricultural Loans Act Program (CALA)

Provides financial loan guarantees to farmers and agricultural cooperatives in order to establish, improve, and develop farms.

Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation

By attending customized workshops, you can learn how to help your organization increase its energy efficiency and reduce costs. Other tools and services can help you calculate and reduce energy consumption. If you choose to implement the ISO 50001 Standard at your facilities, you may be eligible to receive up to $40,000 to help cover implementation costs and those of related studies.

Career Focus Program

Provides funding to organizations for the creation of agricultural internships that provide career-related work experiences.

Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF)

The Clean Water and Wastewater Fund provides funding to projects that will contribute to the rehabilitation of both water treatment and distribution infrastructure and existing wastewater and storm water treatment systems; collection and conveyance infrastructure; and initiatives that improve asset management, system optimization, and planning for future upgrades to water and wastewater systems. The Clean Water and Wastewater Fund started in 2016-2017 and is schedule to end in 2018-2019.

Foreign Trade Zones - Marketing Program (FTZ-MP)

The Foreign Trade Zones – Marketing Program (FTZ-MP) is one of four components of the Global Commerce Support Program. It is designed to market Canada’s Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) advantage and attract foreign direct investment. The program supports Canadian regional organizations and non-profit organizations in their promotion of local FTZ-type benefits linked to strategic locations across Canada. Non-repayable contributions range from $10,000 to $150,000 for activities spanning a 12 month period. FTZ-MP provides matching funds of up to 50 percent of eligible expenses. If a recipient accesses other federal government support, the total federal support cannot exceed 50 percent of eligible expenses.

Global Opportunities for Associations

Global Opportunities for Associations (GOA), formerly the Program for Export Market Development - Associations (PEMD-A), provides contribution funding to support national associations undertaking new or expanded international business development activities, in strategic markets and sectors, for the benefit of an entire industry (member and non-member firms).

Government of Canada - CanExport

The CanExport program is a five-year, $50-million Government of Canada program that provides direct financial assistance to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) registered in Canada that are seeking to develop new export opportunities and markets, especially high-growth emerging markets.

Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) provides financial support to qualified small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada to help them undertake technology innovation.

National Trade Corridors Fund

The National Trade Corridors Fund (NTCF) provides funding to help infrastructure owners and users invest in strategic projects that supports the flow of goods and passengers by reducing bottlenecks, and address capacity issues; helps the transportation system withstand the effects of climate change and make sure it is able to support new technologies and innovation; addresses the unique transportation needs in Canada's territorial North to improve safety and foster economic and social development; and builds on investments made by a variety of public and private sector partners.

Next Generation Clean Energy Infrastructure

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is proposing to allocate $79M in funding to support investments in green infrastructure, including initiatives that will support the implementation of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.

Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF)

The Public Transit Infrastructure Fund provides short-term funding to help accelerate municipal investments to support the rehabilitation of transit systems, new capital projects, and planning and studies for future transit expansion to foster long-term transit plans. Eligible recipients include: provinces and territories; municipal or regional governments, established by provincial or territorial statute; or a transit agency or authority, established by a provincial, territorial, or local government. These investments will help to improve commutes, cut air pollution, strengthen communities and grow Canada's economy. The Public Transit Infrastructure Fund started in 2016-2017 and is scheduled to end in 2018-2019.

Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program

Encourages Canadian businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to conduct research and development in Canada that will lead to new, improved, or technologically advanced products or processes. In general, work that qualifies includes experimental development, basic research, applied research and support work.

SD Tech Fund

The SD Tech Fund supports projects that are pre-commercial and have the potential to demonstrate significant and quantifiable environmental and economic benefits in one or more of the following areas: climate change, clean air, clean water and clean soil. Since 2001, the Government of Canada has allocated a total of $965 million for the fund.

Women's Enterprise Initiative Loan Program

This non-profit initiative has offices in each of the four western provinces and provides business information and services (including business loans), advisory services and training options aimed at women business owners.

Municipal Incentives & Programs

Municipal Incentives & Programs

City of Edmonton Brownfield Redevelopment Grant

The program’s funding tools assist owners of Brownfield sites with the additional financing needed to address environmental testing, remediation or exposure control costs in preparation for redevelopment.

City of Edmonton Development Incentive Program

The Development Incentive Program exists to encourage property owners in Business Improvement Areas to invest in higher density residential and/or commercial development through financial incentives, in order to assist in the revitalization of main street commercial areas.

City of Edmonton Industrial Infrastructure Cost Sharing Program

The Industrial Infrastructure Cost Sharing Program is designed to assist in financing large municipal infrastructure in industrial areas; the servicing and development of industrial land.  This includes entitlement of front end developers to recover portions of their over expenditures such as incremental tax revenue directly resulting from the construction of Cost Sharable Infrastructure and Development Levies collected within the benefiting area.

Provincial Incentives & Programs

Provincial Incentives & Programs

Alberta Bits and Pieces Program

Submit your offers of products or services to the Alberta Bits and Pieces Program if you're interested in supporting the COVID-19 response.  If there is a requirement for your product or service, you will be contacted by a representative of the Government of Alberta. Manufacturers can innovate products or services, developed or retooled, including personal protective equipment. The program is named after the "bits and pieces program" established by Canada's Minister of Munitions and Supply during the Second World War, C.D. Howe.   The program coordinated innovative production and procurement efforts from across the Canadian economy to support the war effort. 

Alberta Aboriginal Business Investment Fund

The Aboriginal Business Investment Fund (ABIF) program is a Government of Alberta (GoA) approach to improving social and economic outcomes for Indigenous communities by building partnerships and investing in economic opportunities. The ABIF provides funding to capitalize community-owned business development opportunities. The program offers direct investment into eligible Indigenous community-owned businesses. ABIF is intended for capital projects that are close to starting operations or breaking ground for building projects within the funding year. 

Alberta Export Support Fund

Funding to help export-ready Alberta companies access new international markets. The Export Support Fund is easing the cost of exporting for Alberta’s small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by reimbursing up to 50% for a select range of approved export activities – such as registration at select trade shows, return economy airfare, accommodation in a standard room and translation of marketing materials.

Alberta-Germany collaboration fund

The overarching goal of this program is to help participants become more globally competitive by developing innovative technologies and research based alliances with the potential to foster economic growth. Albertan small and medium-sized enterprises (1 to 499 employees and less than $50 million in gross revenues, are welcome to apply to the Alberta-Germany Collaboration Fund for Product Development and Commercialization.

Alberta Health Product Development Program

The Health Product Development Program assists Alberta-based health technology SMEs in the development of new health products.

Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions - Alberta Biofuture Program - Equipment Utilization

Equipment and supporting expertise for the mechanical conversion of biomass is available on a fee-for-service basis. Eligible companies and sole proprietors may qualify for up to $100,000 in funding from Alberta Innovates. Companies must also contribute cash to the project to be eligible. 

Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions - Biological GHG Management Program

This program offers support for projects that will discover, develop and deploy technologies and strategies and demonstrate cost-effective ways and means to help meet Alberta's climate change strategy  goal of reducing net emissions from the province by 50 Mt CO2e/yr by 2020. 

Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions - Prion Institute IDeal Program

This program is intended to encourage collaboration among industry and Alberta universities and research organizations for projects of an applied nature and directed at a specific challenge identified by the private sector partner.

Alberta Investor Tax Credit (AITC)

The Alberta Investor Tax Credit (AITC) supports local small businesses to create jobs and diversify the provincial economy. The AITC is a 3-year program that offers a 30% tax credit to investors who provide capital to Alberta small businesses doing research, development or commercialization of new technology, new products or new processes. It is also applicable to businesses engaged in interactive digital media development, video post-production, digital animation or tourism.

Alberta Small Business Innovation and Research Initiative Program

For Alberta SMEs, the program provides funding support, mentorship, and potential first-client opportunities to develop technology solutions with real market potential. For end-users, the program mitigates the risk of technology adoption while supporting the development of a solution to a known challenge, by providing them with the opportunity to try and, ideally, procure the resulting solution.

Alberta-Zhejiang Global Partnership Program

The aim of the Alberta-Zhejiang Global Partnership Program is to provide for-profit SMEs from the two partner jurisdictions with assistance in establishing global partnerships, as well as accessing grant funding to support strategic, industry-driven commercialization projects that involves novel and innovative products and materials.

Canada-Alberta Job Grant

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) is an employer-driven training program where employers and government share the cost of training new and existing employees to increase their knowledge and skills to meet the needs of Alberta’s changing economy.

Capital Investment Tax Credit (CITC)

The Capital Investment Tax Credit (CITC) encourages companies to make timely capital investments by returning a percentage of the company’s costs, including the purchase of machinery, equipment and buildings. The 2-year program provides a 10% non-refundable tax credit of up to $5 million. The CITC will support approximately $700 million worth of investment and up to 4,600 direct and indirect jobs in Alberta.

Community and Regional Economic Support (CARES) Program

Financial support is available for Alberta’s communities, regions and municipalities for initiatives that help promote long-term economic growth.

Emissions Reduction Alberta

ERA is investing in a diverse portfolio of transformative, sustainable technologies that reduce GHG emissions and position Alberta for success in a lower-carbon economy.

ERA Oil Sands Innovation Challenge

The $50 million ERA Oil Sands Innovation Challenge is seeking out technologies that reduce GHG emissions and increase the global competitiveness of Alberta’s oil sands industry.

ERA Grand Challenge: Innovative Carbon Uses

This Alberta initiative supports bold ideas from around the world that will make significant and verifiable greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions. ERA is committing CAD$35 million in funding for the most innovative technologies that will convert CO2 emissions into new carbon-based products and markets.

Export Support Fund

The Export Support Fund is easing the cost of exporting for Alberta’s small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by reimbursing up to 50% for a select range of approved export activities – such as registration at select trade shows, return economy airfare, accommodation in a standard room and translation of marketing materials.

Industry R&D Associates Program

The purpose of the Program is to stimulate the development and commercialization of novel technological and/or business solutions, while generating material risk-weighted returns on investment to the Province of Alberta based on economic, social and/or environmental metrics. 

Micro-vouchers, vouchers and product demonstration grant

This program could help your Alberta-based business to commercialize its innovative products and services. Up to $10,000 to assist with early startup development, $10,001 to $100,000 to help with product research and development, and $100,001 to $300,000 to showcase the performance, method, and/or features of a prototype or complete technology product.

Petrochemicals Diversification Program (PDP)

The Petrochemicals Diversification Program was created to encourage companies to invest in the development of new Alberta petrochemical facilities by providing up to $500 million in incentives through royalty credits.

Renewable Energy Target

Alberta has set a firm target to ensure 30% of electricity used in the province will come from renewable sources such as wind, hydro and solar by 2030. The program will support new or expanded Alberta-based renewable projects that are 5 megawatts or greater in size.

It's estimated that at least $10.5 billion in new investment will come into the provincial economy by 2030, creating 7,200 new jobs for Albertans as projects are built.