The Edmonton Energy and Technology Park (EETP) offers flexible land uses for petrochemical production and a wider range of manufacturing and logistics operations.

The EETP is based on eco-industrial principles to optimize synergies and business opportunities. Eco-industrial parks, like the EETP, provide a framework through which industry can be successfully integrated with the natural and social environment of a community. There are four land use precincts and specialized zoning in place to support the vision and maximize the potential of the EETP.  



The petrochemical precinct offers nearly 1,700 ha of land. The eco-industrial zoning (EETP Petrochemical – EETC) supports heavy industrial uses such as petrochemical production, as well as medium industrial uses found in other manufacturing operations.

Approximately 440 ha of land has been rezoned to EETC. These rezoned lands are strategically located throughout the centre of the EETP.

Industries locating here have easy access to feedstocks available from Alberta’s Industrial Heartland and Northern Alberta’s rich natural gas and shale gas fields.


The manufacturing precinct offers about 1,300 ha of land. The eco-industrial zoning (EETP Manufacturing – EETM) supports a wide range of light to medium industrial operations.

Approximately 165 ha of land has been rezoned to EETM. These rezoned lands are located in the northeast corner and the southwest corner of the EETP and are well suited to general metal manufacturing.


The logistics precinct offers about 1135 ha of land located in three areas of the EETP. The eco-industrial zoning (EETP Logistics Zone– EETL) supports all light to medium industrial uses.

Approximately 120 ha of land has been rezoned to EETL. These rezoned lands are located in the northeast corner of the EETP and provide access to all major highways via Manning Drive and Anthony Henday Drive as well as direct connection to the key North East Alberta High Load Corridor from Highway 37 north to Highway 63.

The Logistics Precinct is strategically located to supply customers within the EETP and to move their product to key domestic markets, as well as markets in the U.S.

R & D

The R&D precinct offers nearly 665 ha of land. The eco-industrial zoning EETB (EETP Business Park Zone) supports a full range of business park or light industrial uses.

This precinct is intended for light industrial development geared towards firms serving the engineering, technical and business service needs of companies located in or near the EETP and Alberta’s Industrial Heartland.